collaboration with ayse

8 04 2018





i met up with my friend ayse recently to talk about doing some more work together, and this got me reminiscing about our previous collaborations. so i thought i’d share some documents of this.


when i first contacted ayse, it was after coming across some of her performances around the theme of migration. her dance moves reminded me of energy practices like qi gong or tai chi and there was a definite vibe that i could relate to. very quickly, we found out that we had some common interests and that our practice of mindfulness, meditation as approach and creative output was highly compatible.




so merging the themes of our respective work, we spontaneously and very rapidly took this experimental work to the public.

the first instance, particularly, was visually stunning.

the communication during the performance, listening and close connection really worked.

and i was really amazed by the resulting painting created by ayse’s moves across the canvas.

the contents and ideas behind this project really work together on such an essential level, with the movement leaving a visible mark as metaphor for the deeply transforming experience of migrating to another country and culture.


the sounds, at times harsh and jarring, at time lyrical, converse closely with the other layers on the work. gradually, i started to introduce repetitive patterns played over time using circular breathing and this helped introduce a rhythm and pace for the movements, and allowed us to get deeper into the zone.




we had several practice sessions since then, and the underlying understanding and spiritual connection is of course very present.

this is something rather rare. and i am very keen on continuing this collaboration, whatever form it may take.



ayse has been writing about our project on her blog. check out her comments here.




below are a couple of videos taken of our performances. the recording is a bit rough, but still a good document of the very beginning of this collaboration.


ayse also has some videos of a practice session in a really interesting space:









dovecote tunnel [ged barry and hervé perez]

2 10 2017

titled point line and surface, those three videos explore the architecture and resonance of Dovecote tunnel in a very impressionistic way. Using extended techniques and an architectural approach to harmony, the physics of sound waves inside a resonant chamber, the duo retains a great sense of melodic development while exploring structures at times abstract, and harmonic.

following on our exploration of a wet and drippy thor’s cave, we continued down the valley onto another of my favourite spots. i must say playing music in a tunnel is a bit weird, but this place has got the most amazing resonance. with a very strong character and pronounced resonant frequency, this tunnel will bend notes and blend overtones in the most surprising way.

expect beatings, saturating space and long tones…


this recording is the document of their very first encounter as a duo with the special acoustics of the tunnel.
01 august 2017

ged barry – tenor saxophone
hervé perez – alto saxophone



full audio

thor’s cave [ged barry and hervé perez]

16 09 2017

flashes of lightning

amongst the crashes and flashes of a raging storm, and in torrential rain, the duo was born as ged barry and hervé perez arrived at thor’s cave with saxes.
this recording is the document of their very first encounter as a duo with the special acoustics of the cave.
01 august 2017

ged barry – tenor saxophone
hervé perez – alto saxophone



full audio

French summer festival and more gigs

14 10 2015

Following on from the previous post featuring sets of live improvisation in Jazz à Luz, here are another few videos shot during the summer i spent in the south of France.

I was invited to participate during the first edition of Festival La Poutre, near Toulouse. Short but sweet, crammed with brilliant acts and musicians, this very friendly and laidback event was like a bowl of fresh air. Of course, many interesting exchanges ensued. below is a couple of documents of a meeting with trumpet player and artist Rodriguez Walkind.


Festival La Poutre – the deck


Festival La Poutre – in the trees


These videos are made up of whatever footage i had. a lot of it is not sync, to make up for the gaps… still, a cool document of a significant first encounter.


The following videos have better footage and were filmed through two sets at the Pizzeria Bellefort in Toulouse where they have a regular programme of improvisation.

Cool wine cellar and free pizza, we had a real blast playing there. Heddy surprised us by inviting the brilliant flautist from Amsterdam Mark Alban Lotz to join mr Boubaker on bass, Guy Bayssac on drums and myself on alto.

i am very pleased to have played with such an amazing bunch. great times…



the first set was a duo with guy bayssac aka ‘canard’. such a pleasure to meet again.



as usual, the audio from all the above videos, and much more, is available from my website. see the improv section for various collaborations:


there is more footage coming this way with guy bayssac and another surprise guest shot in café burgaud. so keep your eyes peeled or head for my vimeo page…

Private Art Exposé

15 11 2014

First event of a new cross-platform collaboration. A unique blend of sound, movement and painting.

The collaboration evolved out of a conversation on deep listening. What attracted me to Ayse’s work is that the focus is not the work itself, the product, but rather the approach and process involved.

The movements are as much dance as they are martial arts forms. And indeed, the mind frame is inevitably one of mindfulness, which for me is central to improvisation.

Similarly, the painting is not so much a desire to create visual art but instead it is merely a mark, a trace left by movements. This really is going back to the root and original purpose of art, starting with the first cave paintings that were just this: leaving a mark.

So, it seems to me that everything is this work is essential. We never discussed any intention. Or aesthetic. Certainly not a desire to produce a commodity. The final work is simply a pure expression of being – in the moment. What is left is a documentation of what happened. The trail of our journey. Traces of our passage.

Private Art Exposé 08 October 2014
Ayşegül Balköse – dance and painting
Hervé Perez – alto saxophone
live improvisation in the old science school, sheffield

Thanks a lot to our hosts and friends…

Private Art Exposé from hervé perez on Vimeo.


collaboration with joe formanek

22 08 2014

i have been working with drummer extraordinaire joe formanek for a while. the collaboration started as file sharing when joe sent me a series of sketches for which i recorded saxophone and did some processing. joe then reworked the compositions and arrangements and did a series of really cool tracks.

you can hear some examples here:



more recently, we met in person and recorded extensively over a week. we have a lot of material to work through and we are very excited by the results. meeting was very constructive and playing was easy from the start. joe is a great drummer and improviser and we just seemed to be on the same wavelength. sure enough, some of this work will surface on the net soon.

to finish beautifully this period of creation, we paid a visit to the elm collective down in bristol. we had a few recording sessions there and played a concert organised by ‘uberphonic presents’.

luckily, james (from elm records) very kindly filmed sections of our duo with joe. and with the camera joe had set up, we ended up with a good documentation of the event. so here are some edits from the duo. the sound is a bit rough, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of how it went down…

enjoy joe’s project ‘mirror shards’ with hervé perez on alto sax and joe formanek on drumset and live processing.


part 1

joe formanek and hervé perez live – mirror shards pt1 from hervé perez on Vimeo.


part 2

joe formanek and hervé perez live – mirror shards pt2 from hervé perez on Vimeo.

Hervé Perez (alto sax) with Joe Formanek (drums, electronics).
Uberphonic Presents this concert series at the Golden Lion, Bristol, 06 august 2014


you can hear the whole concert here:



thanks to james for the warm welcome and the elm collective for great music and setting up this gig for us.

sound and image

21 08 2014

here are some videos i made to go with saxophone recordings. i wanted to explore natural elements and landscapes, some of the things that inspire my playing and sound design. but in this case, the audio i used is completely acoustic using natural reverb. these are from my series sounding out.

some of the footage is slowed down to achieve a contemplative mood, to the extent that one is unsure whether it is a still or a moving image. on another piece, i layered water footage, experimenting with various combinations, with the idea of echoing the multiphonic techniques of the saxophone – nearly representing a visual interpretation of what sound could look like.

once again, the video pieces were edited separately and then sound (which was recorded previously) added to it. there is no intention to cut images to sound like a music video. the interaction between the two is down to chance and may appear random, if there is such a thing. however, i find such chance ‘encounters’ – moments of convergence and synchronicity – fascinating. but in the end, when bringing water and sound together, both waves, there is little risk. perhaps the mind searches for connections, recognisable patterns. and perhaps the result just happens to work…



sweet solitude [sounding out ilam church] from hervé perez on Vimeo.


setting sun [sounding out ilam church] from hervé perez on Vimeo.


wind over bealach [sounding out clachan church] from hervé perez on Vimeo.