dovecote tunnel [ged barry and hervé perez]

2 10 2017

titled point line and surface, those three videos explore the architecture and resonance of Dovecote tunnel in a very impressionistic way. Using extended techniques and an architectural approach to harmony, the physics of sound waves inside a resonant chamber, the duo retains a great sense of melodic development while exploring structures at times abstract, and harmonic.

following on our exploration of a wet and drippy thor’s cave, we continued down the valley onto another of my favourite spots. i must say playing music in a tunnel is a bit weird, but this place has got the most amazing resonance. with a very strong character and pronounced resonant frequency, this tunnel will bend notes and blend overtones in the most surprising way.

expect beatings, saturating space and long tones…


this recording is the document of their very first encounter as a duo with the special acoustics of the tunnel.
01 august 2017

ged barry – tenor saxophone
hervé perez – alto saxophone



full audio



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