Mirror Image – album release

15 12 2015


Hervé Perez & Roger Mills – Mirror Image


14 December 2015
by linear obsessional recordings



“Linear Obsessional is delighted to present this beautifully recorded collection of free improvisations by Nada. Nada is the duo of Roger Mills – trumpet and Hervé Perez – alto sax.
The improvisations that make up “Mirror Image” are revelatory, as both musicians explore a huge range of sonic textures through extended technique and make for a fascinating and engrossing listen as they search out their common ground. Interestingly although both musicians had played together via internet collaborations “Mirror Image” is the result of their first meetings in person. The sound of two musicians communicating so naturally, but also with great control and subtlety, makes this an enormously rewarding listen.”

Available as a free download with accompanying PDF booklet of notes with beautiful images by Arman S. Haghi
from the release page


Mirror Image is the debut album of the duo Nada, featuring UK based saxophonist Hervé Perez and Australian trumpeter Roger Mills. While Perez and Mills live on opposite sides of the world, they met through their mutual work with the telematic improvisation music ensemble Ethernet Orchestra. The duo quickly realised a shared aesthetic and continued developing their sound online.

Hervé and Roger would like to thank Elke Utermöhlen and Martin Slawig (blackhole-factory) for bringing us together, Richard Sanderson for releasing the album,and Arman S. Haghi for the original artwork.

This album is made up of three recordings gathered during a residency in Studio_A | Kunstmühle on December 06 and 07, 2014 and includes a live performance of the duo at Club Instabil



Roger Mills – trumpet
Hervé Perez – alto sax
edit and master by @sndsukinspook
artwork by Arman S. Haghi