French summer festival and more gigs

14 10 2015

Following on from the previous post featuring sets of live improvisation in Jazz à Luz, here are another few videos shot during the summer i spent in the south of France.

I was invited to participate during the first edition of Festival La Poutre, near Toulouse. Short but sweet, crammed with brilliant acts and musicians, this very friendly and laidback event was like a bowl of fresh air. Of course, many interesting exchanges ensued. below is a couple of documents of a meeting with trumpet player and artist Rodriguez Walkind.


Festival La Poutre – the deck


Festival La Poutre – in the trees


These videos are made up of whatever footage i had. a lot of it is not sync, to make up for the gaps… still, a cool document of a significant first encounter.


The following videos have better footage and were filmed through two sets at the Pizzeria Bellefort in Toulouse where they have a regular programme of improvisation.

Cool wine cellar and free pizza, we had a real blast playing there. Heddy surprised us by inviting the brilliant flautist from Amsterdam Mark Alban Lotz to join mr Boubaker on bass, Guy Bayssac on drums and myself on alto.

i am very pleased to have played with such an amazing bunch. great times…



the first set was a duo with guy bayssac aka ‘canard’. such a pleasure to meet again.



as usual, the audio from all the above videos, and much more, is available from my website. see the improv section for various collaborations:


there is more footage coming this way with guy bayssac and another surprise guest shot in café burgaud. so keep your eyes peeled or head for my vimeo page…