Festival in France

5 09 2015

I have enjoyed time away from the screen… but i am back with a vengeance, working my way through many recordings gathered during a visit to France. It had been three years, and it was intense fun to meet up with friends after such a long time. I was very lucky to be invited to take part in concerts, festivals and other musical encounters all squeezed into a short time period.

Of course, i made the most of my travels to explore many more churches, abbeys and other amazing places for my solo project ‘sounding out’.

I also have a few video clips, plus more i am working on. These are only documents of valuable encounters and have no artistic pretense. Unfortunately, i had to make do with short clips shot by friends in the audience, and some of them are not great. So i’ve had to select whatever was usable, and fill in with what i had handy: other clips from elsewhere, which were obviously out of sync with the music, and are therefore slowed down, plus a few still shots thrown in for good measure.

Still, is is rather fun to watch back, and really, those videos are only excuses to present some music, and great human moments between old friends and new ones…

Today, i would like to present to you three clips which were shot on the first night of the fantastic jazz/improvisation festival Jazz à Luz. We played two nights in a row next to the main stage, as part of the installation promoting the architectural forms and constructions based on sacred geometry by festizomes.

Below, you will find further links and audio clips to the entire concerts in audio format, including the second night – which featured fantastic music too (but no video i am afraid).




audio from day 1



audio from day 2


There will be more posts in the next few days presenting other concerts and the whole series of solo recordings, as soon as all this is available online. So watch this space! I hope you enjoy watching/listening, and feel free to comment etc…  till soon,