sounding out top 10

22 08 2015

while working on brand new recordings for the series ‘sounding out’, i decided to look back in time, and review all the locations featured on the soundcloud page dedicated to the project:





so here is a sample selection of some of the best acoustics and inspiring spaces i have visited in the recent past. and guess what. YAS woz there.


1 – Ilam church. hidden gem. beautiful and intimate. my relationship and my playing have evolved with many visits.


2 – Dore Abbey. place of magic and history in the golden valley, gently spoken through the stone of its old walls.


3 – buxton dome. ex-hospital now university property with unique sonic magic. reverb + delay + whispering gallery.


4 – Clachan Church. plain chapel in the mist of remote applecross. energy like mountain streams wild raw beautiful.


5 – smoo cave. cascade and cathedral chamber. strong character, challenging response and inspiration in gentleness.


6 – stoney middleton. unusual architecture and shape. great for sound. subtle, bright and soft.


7 – St Catherine. out of this world experiences in this chapel at the top of a hill. plain, bare, expansive.


8 – Rydal cave. lifted out of this plane of existence into fluffy clouds. all is sound.


9 – Cathedral cave. exposed to elements. dark damp raw edges. the sound takes you to a different reality. soft suspension. pure bliss.


10 – St Sardos. surprisingly generous village church. plain dark appearance. sound gently-powerful and sophisticated, wide and brilliant.


this last track is a sneak preview…:

the new series of recordings i am currently working on are from the very recent trip to France. it features some outstanding locations. small village churches with surprising character and large abbeys, abbatiales, cathedrals… it has been a real treat and i am very excited to share all this with you. so keep your eyes peeled as some great sounds are coming your way here, on soundcloud or my website (visit field rec / sounding out).

and as usual, i’d love to hear from you.








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