Some Some Unicorn and The Golden Periphery

31 12 2014

i am very pleased to be part of a project generated by sean blezzard. the cd has just been released and is available in hard copy and download from the man himself.

these are very exciting compositions involving many musicians from various backgrounds, using a range of instruments both traditional and electronic, as well as spoken word/poetry.
sean first submitted a series of sketches – which we used as a basis for improvisation – and then re-arranged all the participants’ responses into completely new compositions.

please have a listen and order your copy following the links…

What Is Some Some Unicorn?

Some Some Unicorn is an experiment in communal music making.

Working on the border of composition and improvisation this work has drawn together 30 artists from the fields of improv, electronics, jazz, poetry and popular music. Some names you will know, some you don’t yet, but all have given time and talent to become Some Some Unicorn.

The concept originated during my time as a New Voice composer with Sound and Music after many conversations about what a composer is. Are you a composer if you improvise? So I decided to make an album that was composed from a variety of improvisations. I recorded a couple of hours worth of improvisational ‘sketches’ on iPad which were uploaded to the cloud and an open call went out for others to work with the material, playing along or playing with it. This completed part one, twelve tracks of dense work that was put out again for ‘overdubs’.

When I got the second versions back the hard work began of getting an album that was coherent and still featured everyone. It was now called Some Some Unicorn and The Golden Periphery and I’ve slowly mixed and edited it down to an album length. There were around 30 musicians and artists involved in this part of the process all bringing their own talents, but a special note to poet Ann Wilson for the words and artist Ruth Green for the original artwork – they really have pulled the concept together 🙂

Shaun Blezard 2014

Thanks to Sound and Music for the tremendous support during my time as a New Voice composer.
released 13 December 2014

Music: Shaun Blezard with Aardvark, Martin Archer, Jamie Barnes, Alex Botten, David Browne, Adrian Carter, Matt Cowe, Alexander Cutteridge, James Darrington, Pete Dent, Anthony Donovan, Graham Dowdall, Dave Fleet, Simon Fox, Samuel Freeman, Phill Gregg, Stephen Grew, The Kendal Mintcake, David Wright LaGrone, Alexx O’Shea, Herve Perez, Stuart Russell, Ian Simpson, Stephen Shiell, Jim Tetlow, Roger Vaughn, Jonathan Watt, Steve Wharton, Hannah White and the SSU Choir of Hope

Words: Ann Wilson

Original artwork: Ruth Green


Explorations in Intercultural Tele-Improvisation

29 12 2014


We are pleased to announce the release of our debut album Diaspora : Explorations in Tele-Improvisation through the Chilean net label Peublo Nuevo to be released 16.12.14.



Diaspora is a compilation of live freely improvised performances by Ethernet Orchestra recorded between 2009-2014. It features musicians from a diverse range of cultures and musical traditions performing simultaneously between Iran and Australia via North America, Brazil and Europe. The ensemble combines an array of instruments including Mongolian horse fiddle & throat singing, tabla, Persian tanbur & tar blended with Buchla synthesizer, guitar, trumpet, sax and Max/MSP processing.The majority of the recordings are from performances with live, online, and co-located audiences. Many of these performances also included visual artists Helen Varley Jamieson, Neil Jenkins, Graziano Milano and Michael Szpakowski mixing live visual collages in the networked audiovisual platform VisitorsStudio. These mixes can be viewed from the menu above.

Performing musicians include; Mark Francombe (NO) – guitar Bukhchuluun…

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Club Instabil

16 12 2014
Club Instabil 12.2014
Club Instabil 12.2014, Photo Klaus G. Kohn

Club Instabil 12.2014 – a two days artists meeting at Studio_A | Kunstmühle about experimental audio visual art featuring Marek Choloniewski (Krakow), Lukasz Szalankiewicz (Poznan), Roger Mills (Sydney) and Hervé Perez (Sheffield), organized by Elke Utermöhlen und Martin Slawig from blackhole-factory.

Photos by Klaus G. Kohn:

Club Instabil 12.2014 Lukasz SzalankiewiczClub Instabil 12.2014 Marek CholoniewskiClub Instabil 12.2014 blackhole-factory

Club Instabil 12.2014 blackhole-factoryClub Instabil 12.2014 blackhole-factoryClub Instabil 12.2014

Club Instabil 12.2014 Roger Mills + Hervé PerezClub Instabil 12.2014 Roger MillsClub Instabil 12.2014 Roger Mills + Hervé Perez

Club Instabil Family TableClub Instabil 12.2014Roger Mills



listen to an extract from the duo nada

hervé perez (alto sax) and roger mills (trumpet)

live improvisation at Club Instabil, Brunswick, 06 dec 2014

more improvisations here


Club Instabil 12.2014
Club Instabil 12.2014