Private Art Exposé

15 11 2014

First event of a new cross-platform collaboration. A unique blend of sound, movement and painting.

The collaboration evolved out of a conversation on deep listening. What attracted me to Ayse’s work is that the focus is not the work itself, the product, but rather the approach and process involved.

The movements are as much dance as they are martial arts forms. And indeed, the mind frame is inevitably one of mindfulness, which for me is central to improvisation.

Similarly, the painting is not so much a desire to create visual art but instead it is merely a mark, a trace left by movements. This really is going back to the root and original purpose of art, starting with the first cave paintings that were just this: leaving a mark.

So, it seems to me that everything is this work is essential. We never discussed any intention. Or aesthetic. Certainly not a desire to produce a commodity. The final work is simply a pure expression of being – in the moment. What is left is a documentation of what happened. The trail of our journey. Traces of our passage.

Private Art Exposé 08 October 2014
Ayşegül Balköse – dance and painting
Hervé Perez – alto saxophone
live improvisation in the old science school, sheffield

Thanks a lot to our hosts and friends…

Private Art Exposé from hervé perez on Vimeo.





One response

15 11 2014

Hervé did a great job on being so focused when shifting in and out of pure to overtones and back, shifting skillfully up and down and around with the pitches likewise.
The dancer was beautifully lit as a silhouette and presented, likewise in pure image sometimes, and sometimes more staggered images (see the sequence simultaneously).
Both complimented each other well by doing parallel moves.

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