sound and image

21 08 2014

here are some videos i made to go with saxophone recordings. i wanted to explore natural elements and landscapes, some of the things that inspire my playing and sound design. but in this case, the audio i used is completely acoustic using natural reverb. these are from my series sounding out.

some of the footage is slowed down to achieve a contemplative mood, to the extent that one is unsure whether it is a still or a moving image. on another piece, i layered water footage, experimenting with various combinations, with the idea of echoing the multiphonic techniques of the saxophone – nearly representing a visual interpretation of what sound could look like.

once again, the video pieces were edited separately and then sound (which was recorded previously) added to it. there is no intention to cut images to sound like a music video. the interaction between the two is down to chance and may appear random, if there is such a thing. however, i find such chance ‘encounters’ – moments of convergence and synchronicity – fascinating. but in the end, when bringing water and sound together, both waves, there is little risk. perhaps the mind searches for connections, recognisable patterns. and perhaps the result just happens to work…



sweet solitude [sounding out ilam church] from hervé perez on Vimeo.


setting sun [sounding out ilam church] from hervé perez on Vimeo.


wind over bealach [sounding out clachan church] from hervé perez on Vimeo.






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