Megapolis festival, New York

21 04 2013

graphic ships to sonic shores

with jesse ricke (guitar), scott wollschleger (guitar), and mike (guitar)
online musicians:
andré D (bass), frank wilke (trumpet, trombone) and hervé perez (laptop, soprano sax)



live improvisation at the megapolis festival, new york, 20 april 2013


hear the performance here


the performance took place in the CultureHub studio in New York with some performers present in the space. others were performing from Germany, France and the UK. the audience presence in the studio triggered graphics (generated by lisa lee using a live video feed and max-msp) which were projected and served as graphic score for the music.

graphic score triggered by audience
graphic score
graphic score with musician

Long distance rehearsal for the Megapolis festival here

This live session was produced with a call conference software named “Scopia”.

Jesse Ricke – guitar,effects (live from U.S.A)
Hervé Perez – electronics, sax, shakuhachi (live from U.K)
Frank Wilke – horns (live from Germany)
André D. – bass (w/ebow+objects), archo eub (live from France)

recorded March 17th, 2013.


the project

Graphic Ships to Sonic Shores – Jesse Ricke + Lisa Lee
A creative means for a mediated journey, built from interactions between audience and performer, to achieve a synchronous audio expedition via an interactive visual vehicle. Artists will perform from locations throughout the Western hemisphere for an audience at CultureHub in New York, improvising off an ever changing graphic score generated by the presence of audience members. The audience will be free to move about the venue, their positions and movements interpreted as phrases for the score displayed as a 245 square foot projection. Artists will include André D. of France, Hervé Perez of the UK, Frank Wilke of Germany.

Jesse Ricke is a media practitioner working in video, audio, and music, with an expertise in venue operation and event documentation. His political and social interests have lead him to internships with One Laptop Per Child in Peru, working with children in developing areas, The Groundswell Collective in the US, and his current position as technician for the new media non-profit studio CultureHub. His musical experience includes jazz studies at Florida International University and work in signed and independent groups.

Lisa Lee is an interaction designer and multimedia artist. Lisa had been working as a web designer with International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) and with the digital advertising agencies Kehch Creative Inc. and Bremen Digital Creative on campaigns for BMW, MINI, Benz, Nike, Levi’s, M&M’s, Dove, and others. She holds a BFA in Commercial Design from Chun Yuan Christian University in Taiwan and received her MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design in 2012. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.




One response

21 04 2013

Merci pour ce lien! Je suis entrain d’écouter. La musique est intéressante, surprenante, et riche! Jesse m’avais parler de ce projet, je trouve extraordinaire de pouvoir jouer en direct en étant sur des continents différents. Plus de contrainte géographique.



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