20 03 2011

the body moves around

the sound

curves and surrounds

curbs the frantic drive

the core chords

based on space

limbs shift

lift an airtight tone

like casimodo’s hands

fallen for the grace

of a ten steel string,

the wind buzzes on brass

blows and puffs across the surface

clouds are static

where is the wind?

where is the mouth of its lungs?

apply lips to reed

tickle the tongue

how can it make love

to the tubular



move the surface of the ocean?

waves synchronise

curl in chronic rocking

cross their rhythms

clashing and breaking rolls

splatter on the shore

a nervous fret

when the storm has passed

the shoulder blades raised


neck extended

the body, resounding

heaves. the palm

hits a heartbeat

scratched strings

the sting of high


a fish wriggles

twitch in the eye

wet sand





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