Moving lines

20 03 2011

this is an edit of two short sections of a large screen projection.

video and surround sound installation ⓒ hervé perez 2004

the sound design is derived from the original water recording, kept in sync with image as shot.

modulations in sound correspond with changes in the flow of water as seen in the image.

rhythms and fluctuations of the stream (inner lines) as well as changes in the environment, light etc. (outer lines) unfold a narrative that one can read on the surface of water as in a book. the soundtrack reflects both modulations of outer and inner lines, constructing a complex narrative, inscribed in the memory of water.

‘moving lines’ refers to the behaviour of wave forms and particles, sound, light but also to hydrology. this is the story of cresbrook stream, miller’s dale.

the original installation had a further room with sound which one could access by walking through the screen, as if walking through a cascade to access an inner chamber.

moving lines from hervé perez on Vimeo.

Moving lines, surround sound and video installation, ⓒ hervé perez 2004




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