20 03 2011

“Why is music called  the divine art, while all other arts are not so called? We may certainly see God in all arts and in all sciences, but in music alone we see God free from all forms and thoughts. In every other art there is idolatry. Every thought, every word has its form. Sound alone is free from form. Every word of poetry forms a picture in our mind. Sound alone does not make any object appear before us. (p.2)

[…] for those who follow the path of the inner cult, music is most essential for their spiritual development. The reason is that the soul who is seeking for truth is in search of the formless God. (p.4)


Speaking of the harmony of music, I should like to say that the true harmony of music comes from the harmony of the soul. That music alone can be called real which comes from the harmony of the soul, its true source, and when it comes from there it must appeal to all souls […]

When a person learns music, [s]he need not necessarily learn to be a musician, or to become a source of pleasure and joy to his fellow-men. No! By playing, loving and hearing music [s]he should develop music in his [/her] personality. The true use of music is to become musical in one’s thoughts, words and actions […]


Why people like or dislike each other is owing to their different stages of evolution […] It is the same in religion. Some stick to certain beliefs and do not wish to evolve beyond. So it is possible that the lover of music may be tempted to keep to a certain sort of music and will not rise further. The true way of progressing through music is to evolve freely, to go forward, not caring what others think, and in this way, together with one’s development in music, to harmonise the life of one’s soul, one’s surroundings and one’s affairs. (pp. 7-8)


From: Hazrat Inayat Khan.

“The mysticism of sound and music”. London: 1996, Shambala Dragon Editions.




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