video installation: peak patterns

20 03 2011

this is an ear­ly video work, designed as a large projection video and sound installation.

i was experimenting with randomness…
with a fas­ci­na­tion for waves, particles, vi­bra­tions, sound, wa­ter, light, colour…

all the sounds are de­rived from wa­ter sam­ples and therefore ‘fit’ with the imagery although all events happen and relate in a random way:
sounds and video were composed and cut independently then put together afterwards. the sound is synched to images roughly in the middle, to correspond with one particular event. all other interactions are due to chance… or nature.

peak patterns

peak patterns from sndsukinspook on Vimeo.

the title comes from the peak district, were i collected most of the images and sounds. an endless source of inspiration for a lot of the work i have done in the last few years, from photography, video, field recordings but also playing in various locations.




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